With Seahorse your online marketing is flexible and responsive with measurable results. Knowing your audience and measuring their response lets you adjust campaigns in mid-stream. We break it all down and react to changes so you get the best results.‚Äč

Art's Dune Tours

Seahorse helped Art's Dune Tours get over 200 "Likes" in one day on Facebook! Likes are a good measure of success and show just how engaged your audience is. The goal is to see steady growth over time as you gather an audience and sustain them with quality content. 

The Lobster POt

Seahorse helped the Lobster Pot reach over 100,000 people in one month on Facebook with posts like videos that captured the attention of nearly 8,000 viewers!

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Why is Reach so important?


Reach is the number of people your posts were served to and a direct measurement of just how far your messages is getting distributed. Expanding your reach is the key to successful marketing and Seahorse is here to help!   

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Why are Likes & Followers so important?


Having a well-liked Facebook page is a great way to gain brand exposure, cultivate relationships and communicate with your target audience.  

Knowing Your audience

Understanding your customers gives you keen insight into their buying habits and so much more. Seahorse customizes your content to meet their needs while attracting new interest.  

Why is knowing your audience so important?


That's simple! If you know what people like, you can give them more of it. We design our posting campaigns to speak their language and attract new business. 


"Expanding the reach of your business."

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